Stop Repossession

Sell your house fast and save your finances

Perhaps you just need cash and fast, or are just looking to downsize and use the excess money for a greater cause, in which case a quick house sale can still limit stress, time and expense. On the other hand you may have been issued with a repossession warning and just don’t know where to start. It is a scary experience but it doesn’t have to be dealt with alone. If you find you cannot afford the expenses of using an agency, then our quick home buying strategy can help you.

By selling your house fast, which is very simple when you go through an independent buyer like Quick Home Buyers, you can avoid the lengthy marketing and sales process of the traditional agency method.

So why else would you choose a cash for homes deal?

Speed – We have ready capital for making quick, hassle-free transactions. When a sale is agreed you are guaranteed to get the money with no fear of a last minute bail out. This also means we can transfer the funds to you within 48 hours of the first point of contact, allowing you to repay the debts before the repossession process escalates

Instant cash – As aforementioned, we are able to pay you immediately in ready cash since we do not depend on any other lenders. The agreed amount is exactly the amount you will receive since there are no fees and no legal expenses.

Easy sale – Yes, there is no need to work hard on making your house more appealing and convince every viewer that it is their dream home. Quick Home Buyers is interested in your property no matter what and will not make you feel under pressure to impress. This saves so much time when possession is imminent, and could really help you get back on track quickly and without stress.

To make an instant no-obligations enquiry, get a quick sale underway and stop repossession proceedings, call Freephone 0800 688 9999 or submit via the form online.