We’ll work to your schedule

Whether you need to move out pronto or would prefer to set a specific date to suit your circumstances, we’ll accommodate your requirements.

We’ll stick to our offer

We don’t play games by offering you an attractive price, only to drop it minutes before completion. The offer we agree up front is the one we’ll stick to through to completion.

We’ll pay cash

This is why the process can be so quick. Our cash offer is genuine and means you can sell your house and complete the process within days, rather than months.

We’ll buy any home

As long as your property is in the UK, we’ll make you a cash offer to buy it, wherever it is and whatever its condition.

We’ll provide a fee-free service

We won’t charge you a penny to sell your property to Quick Home Buyers. Zilch. Zero. All your legal fees are covered and there are no hidden surprises.