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Speedy, Hassle Free House Sales with Quick Home Buyers

Selling your home through an open market is rarely the route to a quick and easy sale. Quick Home Buyers is the private property purchasing service that combines a unique ability to match desirable prices with a swift and hassle free transaction. From the moment we come to visit you to discuss your needs until the point of completion, you can rely on an efficient sale process from helpful industry experts.

Our dedicated team of property experts are on hand to handle your query in a friendly and professional manner. We understand the stresses that can be involved in the process of a house sale and we make it our mission that with Quick Home Buyers you won’t have even a glimpse of these problems. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and you could be relaxing after a completed sale in no time. Our process is streamlined from years of industry experience and using our own capital reserves means you never deal with anyone but your individual Quick Home Buyers dedicated representative. You won’t even have to pay any fees during the process. We will get the ball rolling, instruct solicitors and manage the whole sale from instruction to completion. Just take advantage of someone looking after you for once with:
Quick House Sale

Absolutely NO Fees

You'll never pay us a penny
We Buy Any House

No Upper Chains

The only person affecting your sale is You
Buy My House

Guaranteed Sale Everytime

We always deliver
Companies That Buy House

Sale Options for Negative Equity Owners

We can manage the sale of houses even if mortgage values are higher than the property value.
Your solution to the problem of house selling is right here. Pick up the phone today and call us on 0800 688 9999 to get the ball rolling. You'll be amazed at how simple everything seems and before you know it you’ll have joined our long list of satisfied customers who took charge of their homes and put themselves back in the driving seat.

About Us

Here at Quick Home Buyers, we are a friendly team of property experts who are leading the way in the chain free, quick house sale market. With years of accumulated industry insight and thousands of very satisfied customers behind us, we are the safest and most efficient solution to your quick home sale needs.

Commitment to an exemplary customer experience and service is at the heart of all that we do. Quick Home Buyers’ representatives fully understand every aspect of the property sale process and have dedicated their professional lives to perfecting the way we manage it for you. We know that life’s events can lead us to unexpected decisions. Whether it is piling debt, a loss in the family or perhaps a divorce, we understand that the decision to sell your home quickly is not always what you had planned for. That’s why we make certain that whatever stresses or problems you are faced with, the sale of your house will not be added to them. With this in mind, we put your needs at the forefront of planning and executing every step of the selling process. The majority of sales we handle allow us to buy a property within 2 working days but we wont push or pressure you. Our efficiency allows us to be as flexible as you need us to be. Whatever your situation or time scale needs, you can be sure that we will be able to work around you. If this all seems too simple and too good to be true, don't just read about it, call us now on 0800 688 9999 and let one of our personal advisors take you through a hassle free, no obligation consultation. We are here for you in your time of need, ready to take the mantle and guide you to a calmer, stress free life with financial troubles far behind you.

How It Works

So How Does It Work?

From the moment you make contact with us, you will feel like you’ve got your own personal estate manager working for you. You can get in touch by calling us on 0800 688 9999 or filling in the green inquiry form to the right of the screen to start these quick and easy steps to a hassle-free home sale.

Free Consultation

Either way, once in touch, we’ll start working on a completely free, 100% no-obligation quote for you. Our customer service professionals rely on years of experience and a deep understanding of housing markets at both local and national levels to talk you through your options and what you can expect from us.

A Quote in 24 Hours

Your no-obligation offer will be ready and in your possession within 24 hours of first contacting us. Once you have this, you know all there is to know about the financials of the potential transaction. We pride ourselves on having no hidden surprises, no unexpected costs or fees and of course, you wont even have to worry about hosting a mass of viewings before a sale.


As soon as you are happy with the offer price we once again take the reins. We will instruct a solicitor to handle all the legal side of things. We will coordinate with them, make sure you see all the paperwork you need to and equally not inundate you with unnecessary paperwork. Most importantly, we pick up the legal fees, you’ll not get even so much as an admin invoice from the solicitors.


When everything is in place and an exchange date is agreed, we’ll get contracts to you, complete the sale and have the cash in your account in no time at all. For the very motivated among you this whole process can be completed from start to finish in as little as 24 hours!

How Quick House Sale Works

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