Your House Sold In 48 Hours With Professional House Buyers

As professional home buyers we have the funds ready and available to buy your property. Regardless of its condition or location, if you’re looking to sell your home and sell it fast, we are the people who can help.

Why Sell Quickly?

There are any number of circumstances that may mean an individual needs to sell their property quickly and efficiently. It could be a simple case of wanting to release equity to fund a house move or as a result of a deceased estate. The reasons behind wanting a quick house sale can occur at any time. Whether escaping the threat of repossession, releasing money to help pay off significant amounts of debt, funding your retirement or expensive treatments for an illness, as professional home buyers you can be rest assured that your reasons for needing a fast sale are discussed in confidence. Property Sold Fast

Quicker Than an Estate Agent

When you think about selling your home, the normal route to take would be to compile valuations from a varying amount of local estate agents before instructing one to sell for you. While these estate agents may seem a sensible and professional option, they can be costly. Considering the current economic climate, selling this way can also take time. Not only can it take months to sell via an estate agent, but you are also obliged to host viewings and prepare your home in accordance to what potential buyers may prefer. With a professional home buyer, there are no viewings and there is no need to redecorate or de-clutter your home to make your property more appealing to anyone who may pass through the front door. Just because you accept an offer on your home, this doesn't necessarily mean the sale will complete successfully. Selling via an agent is fraught with possible problems; potential buyers are free to withdraw offers or chains may collapse and force your buyer to pull out. Using an estate agent may seem like a good option, but for some it just isn't practical or quick enough. Estate agents cannot sell your home within 48 hours, nor can they offer you a no fee service which takes your individual needs into consideration, giving you the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time.

Guaranteed Sale

Selling your home can be a long and stressful process, particularly if your personal circumstances are forcing you to sell up and move out of your family home. Once the difficult decision to sell has been made, you too will want to proceed quickly. A reputable estate agent may have an excellent property selling technique, but none can offer a service that is as quick and as reliable as a professional home buyer. It doesn't matter what the circumstances around your need to sell are, you could potentially sell your home within 48 hours of our initial valuation and assessment. Imagine having the financial freedom to resolve your cash flow issues without having to wait for someone to fall in love with your property or waiting for a reasonable offer to come in. Sell Your House in 48 hours, call us on Freephone NOW 0800 688 9999 for an absolutely FREE valuation.

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