Tips on Packing up Your Home

So you've quickly sold your home. Now the enormous task of packing up all of your belongings begins. For many people this is a job filled with dread. Depending on how big your house is you could have a considerable amount of furniture, appliances, and personal artifacts to gather and get ready for re-locating to your new residence. Although it won’t be the most enjoyable way you've spent time, if you follow a few useful tips you can get through it with ease. Then it’s just a matter of enjoying settling into your new home.

Be Prepared

The biggest mistake most people make when preparing to move is to not be prepared in the first place. By leaving things last minute you create stress and problems that can easily be avoided with a little pre planning. In fact, before you even sell your home you can start to get rid of items that you don't wish to take with you. Either donate them to charity or sell. Online sites like Gumtree are a great outlet for earning some cash for unwanted belongings. But again, start the selling process early on so you have plenty of time as some items might take longer to sell than you initially imagine.

Start Packing

Packing Tips Begin by boxing up your most unused items and store them in a room that’s not essential for day to day living. As you go make sure to take notes and label boxes carefully. This will save you lots of headaches later on when it’s time to unpack. Purchase some good quality boxes and don't overfill them. Each box should be easily manageable. This will prevent damage to your belongings and less strain on yourself and those who help you move. A general rule is to place heavier items in smaller boxes, and lighter ones can go in larger boxes.

On The Day

When the day of the move comes, or just before, you can put together a box or two of handy items for getting acclimated to your new home. Things like tea, toiletries, and other essential items will be good to have on hand right away. Depending on how much help you can muster up from friends, you might want to consider using a professional mover to transport your boxes to their final destination. This is especially true if you suffer from any back ailments or other health problems. Don't put yourself in harms way, hire someone to help instead.

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