How to Negotiate When Selling Your Home

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]‘Negotiation’ is a big and loaded word and it’s especially feared when it comes to getting to the property selling table. But it really needn't be. Every sale, and every property, is different – and with that, such is each and every buyer! There’s no hard and fast way to pigeonhole who’s likely to come paying for your home, nor how things are likely to play out when it does come to the final discussions – but there are certainly a few things to look out for. Buyers, while they are all different, have varying intentions and will want to look over your property for a variety of different reasons, will have one thing in common – questions. Some will be clued up on what to look for, the right questions to ask, and will know exactly what they want. There are a few great ways to meet the buyer halfway, and to ensure that you don't either negate a sale altogether or risk losing your ideal price.

Keep it simple!

Keep It Simple Wallpaper This is the golden rule, and just about anyone with experience in selling negotiations will tell you the same. By keeping your intentions for selling and your outgoing process streamlined and approachable, the buyer will be keener to meet you halfway. It’s especially important that you resist sealing off a potential deal by offering deadlines or restrictive parameters to the sale – by offering freedom, clarity and simple intentions, while the buyer may still have questions, they’ll be less likely to turn down a deal on the basis of confusion.

Turn down the keen

deal and negotiate when selling home While on the topic of being keen, employing a ‘poker face’ of sorts while navigating this process is absolutely paramount if you’re hoping to keep control of the deal. Offering too much information about why you’re looking to sell or indicating even slightly that you’re after a quick house sale will allow you to lose a significant amount of power when it comes to the trade-off. If a buyer senses or even knows that you are interested in dealing quickly, they’ll know that you will be more susceptible to lower offers – and this will also make things rather awkward at the deal table.

Don't be needy

despair doubtful hesitant pessimistic offended Similar to the above advice, it’s excellent practice to make sure that you keep your intentions and ultimate game plan as far away from negotiations as possible. Offering too much information about a house, or perhaps even going over the top during the sales process, can really give off the impression of a motivated or even desperate seller. While this may remove control from you during the sale, it could do even worse – it could drive away buyers who fear that there are bigger reasons at stake as to why you are selling the property.

Don't do all the talking

business talking let others speak When it comes to selling a home, the process should centre around two main aspects – the buyer and the property. Therefore, removing yourself, an estate agent and any intense sales spiel from the equation altogether will give a buyer a clear and concise experience of what’s on offer. Talking the buyers through every last detail may choke the appeal of a home, whereas it’s clear that anyone interested in the property will be more likely to sign on the dotted line if they have seen the home for themselves, and have asked all the questions that are important to them. Essentially, offer a buyer free reign early on – but don’t appear disinterested! Negotiations are all about meeting compromise and while the property game can be frustrating at times, it really needn’t be – don’t play your hand and offer the buyer a little freedom, and they’ll be happier to see your way of thinking when it comes to the final offer.

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