What Makes the Perfect Home?

When buying a new home it’s natural to focus on what you want out of your living space. However, it’s quite possible you will end up selling this property in the future so it pays to keep in mind what others value in a home too. Here is a list of the most important factors potential home buyers look for when deciding on a property to purchase.


It should go without saying that location is in many ways the primary factor for any home buyer to pull the trigger on a particular property. One reason for this is that although it’s possible to improve a home you can’t always improve the surroundings beyond your own property. No matter how beautiful your home is, if the neighborhood is undesirable it puts a limit on the value of the home that can’t easily be overcome. Common areas of desirability are close schools that offer quality education, convenient shopping and friendly neighbors. Perfect & Beautiful Home - Mansion


Crime, or the lack of it in the general area of the home, is another element of what makes a buyer more or less inclined to purchase the property. It’s easy to check online for relevant statistics on how crime stats fare in the target location to help you get a picture of what to expect. Even relatively safe areas will still have some minor crime so don't be put of if you find some. It's best to compare to areas you know well to get a bigger picture of the impact it would have on living there.


As mentioned above, having high quality schools in close proximity to your home is a big plus for families or those who are thinking of starting one. Even if you don’t plan to have a family, living in an area with a top-end school can help drive up the price of your home in the future.


Again, this ties into the ever-important location aspect of buying a property. If the surrounding area is run down with neighbours that leave a mess outside, your property's value can easily plummet. Even if things look pleasant overall, take a good look around and try notice anything that might be of concern. A quick chat with the neighbours next door would be a good idea too.

The Home

So what about the home itself? A recent study across 2000 home owners in the UK revealed what the average homeowner looks for when making a happy home. Most of the items on their list had to do with bringing forth comfort in day-to-day living. Amenities such as two televisions, a comfortable sofa, large dining table, and fast internet were among the top priorities.

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