Are you Liable to pay for Church Repairs? Find out with a Chancel Check

It’s the last thing you think of when you look at a property to purchase: “Is this structure within the confines of a parish?” Or you may not think of it at all. Don’t worry you’re not to blame. Hardly any homeowner or home buyer would think of such a thing. However, it is something you want to check before you buy property. It could cost you thousands if you fail to ask for a chancel check. Why should I have to pay for Church Repairs? You may not realize it but churches in England and Wales have the right to levy a fee upon your property if you live within their parish borders. You may think that is silly or unfair, but the truth is this ancient law has been upheld in the courts and the House of Lords. Lincoln Cathedral What the Chancel Check does for You A chancel check will help you determine if your property is located within a parish that levies the chancel tax. Not all churches levy this tax, however you don’t want to take any chances. The cost is about £25 including VAT. This will reference the property to see if it is within the old boundary lines. If the property you are researching happens to be within this boundary you can do something to protect yourself from possible liability.

Why you may have to put up a New Roof

Dating back to medieval times, parish churches could levy a tax on parishioners within the borders of the parish. When the church needed to repair its roof it simply collected the money from the surrounding property holders. At that time most residents went to that church, so it was not seen as unfair as it might today. The law continued through the Post-Reformation period and has widely been debated in the courts and Parliament. The chancel tax has endured to modern times and is now known as a Chancel Repair Liability or CRL.

What to do if your Chancel Check comes back Positive

If the chancel check comes back positive you can take out what’s called indemnity policy. There are various policies, however you can find one that is affordable and that will protect you should your local parish council decide to ask you for the chancel levy should their roof need repair. If you would like to start this process and get it done quickly, Quick Home Buyers can help. They already take all the measures to ensure that the property you want is fully disclosed. A chancel check can be done within 24 hours and will not impede the sale of your home. In fact we do all of these searches when we offer to buy your home or business property. Rest assured when you engage with Quick Home Buyers all of the details are entrusted to a qualified team. Make the smart choice today: call Quick Home Buyers. Even if you have slightly considered selling your home, you should check in with us. We want to help you realize your dreams.

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