How To Create A Style For Your Home

Decorating your interior not only gives you a chance to express yourself but can provide an allure to your home when it comes time to sell. And while not everyone has the budget to put towards lavish furnishings, even those with a modest amount to spend can make their home not only much more enjoyable to live in, but easier to sell too.

Types of Styles

If you need a little direction on how to approach the design of your interior, there’s lots of styles to choose from. The basics, however, can be roughly categorized as contemporary, minimal, and vintage along with regional influenced looks such as Italian. Some people prefer to just go with what can be described as a ‘comfy’ look instead of a more trendy design. This isn't surprising as a recent survey, which aimed to find out what people found the most desirable their home, was simply a comfortable couch or sofa. Once you've decided on a look, it’s time to start picking out individual elements that will come together to create the living environment that best suits your tastes.

Choose a Palette

Firstly, you should pick a colour scheme that works with the intended style. Although it’s safer to choose a more neutral palette, especially if you’re looking to sell your home, a little splash of colour can really set your home apart. Just keep it tasteful, and if necessary consult with a design specialist. Once your furniture is picked out, it’s time to create an ambience around those centerpieces using decorations and other enchantments. This is really where you can impart your own style and creativity into the mix. A few ideas for filling out and completing your look are: Home Style & Decor


You can almost think of an eye-catching rug as a painting for your floor. Even if you go with a simple clean look, an intricate or funky rug can help add a dash of style that will balance out a more straightforward design.

Ornaments and Photographs

Both of these elements can be very personal in nature, which really helps give your own unique identity to your homes interior. While you probably won't be able to find enough quality pieces to fill a room in a weekend of shopping, over time the right piece here and there will take a room from being just another interior and something you can call your own.


Foliage adds an organic touch that’s just not possible with any other type of decoration. Even just a few well-placed plants or small trees inside your home can create a fresh feel. A large vase full of colourful flowers makes a great addition to an otherwise humble looking table and doesn't have to cost a lot. Just make sure any live foliage is kept in good shape, there’s nothing worse than wilting leaves to spoil the look. Cushions and Throws Unless you're going for an ultra clean look, a few cushions or throws for your sofa can add warmth and colour. There’s such a wide variety of patterns and styles to choose from that you should have no problem finding something that creates just the right amount of variation, while still keeping to your intended style.

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