Tips for Securing Your Home

A break in to your home cannot only result in a loss of irreplaceable belongings and expensive assets, but long lasting emotional stress. Many people think a burglary will never happen to them. It’s this very thinking that allows many criminals to enter their home. If you follow some basic tips, however, you can greatly reduce the chance of a catastrophic event like this happening at all. Home CCTV Surveillance Home Security

How to Start

The first step is to put yourself in the mind of a burglar. If you were to break into your own home, how would you do it? This can often expose unsecured areas you didn’t think of before, allowing you to make necessary adjustments. Always lock up your house when you leave, even if it’s for a short time. Many criminals simply walk right through the front door of their unsuspecting victims. Don’t leave keys under mats or other common hiding areas. Burglars can seize on this typical behavior to easily gain entry into your home. Make sure the locking mechanism for all your doors are sturdy and in good shape.

Securing Windows

The next logical place for a would-be intruder to enter your home is the windows. Again, make sure these are all secure. Any ground floor windows should be made of extra durable glass or even double glazed glass. Don’t leave any valuables in sight from the window either, making them a juicy target for thieves.


If you have expensive valuables that can easily be store, like jewelry, invest in a small safe that can’t be easily taken away.

Alarm System

A good alarm system can also act as a deterrent if burglars do manage to gain access to your home. Make sure to conceal the wiring for an alarm system, otherwise burglars can simply disable it by clipping the wires.

Keep in Touch with Neighbours

Speak to your neighbors and arrange to watch out for each other’s properties. This is especially helpful when you are away on holiday. Have contact numbers on hand so you can report anything suspicious to each other when necessary.

Install Lighting

Motion sensor lights can scare away burglars at nighttime. If you have a garden, add a light there too. These have the added benefit of lighting up your way at night when coming home to make sure no one is hiding. Although the above tips don’t encompass every single aspect of securing your home, if you follow these basic principles you can thwart 99% of burglary cases that might arise. If you need to sell your home quickly then get in contact with us now.

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