Keep You Family And Home Safe From Fire

As we enter the start of 2014, Quick Home Buyers recognizes it’s important to remember the dangers that arise from a lack of fire safety. Many people brush off fears of a fire in their home thinking it won’t ever happen to them. To ensure the upcoming year passes without incident, please heed the advise below to keep you and your family safe from a residential fire.

Fire Alarms

A working fire alarm is your first line of defense in recognizing a fire is in progress so that you can take the appropriate action. In order for these potentially life saving devices to be effective they need to be properly maintained on a regular basis. The governments’ fire safety division recommends you test your alarms on the first of every month to make sure they are ready for the job of signaling a fire. A key point to check here is that the battery is still holding a reasonable amount of charge. Home Fire Prevention

Fire Extinguishers

In the case that you are alerted to a fire, the usual course of action will be to stop it from spreading before it gets out of hand. A conveniently placed fire extinguisher can be the difference between a small manageable fire and one that rages out of control. The most common type of extinguisher expels dry powder and is suitable for a variety of types of fire including electrical, liquid and highly flammable materials such as paper or wood. If you aren't already familiar with how to operate one of these devices properly, then consult relevant documentation so that you are ready when a fire strikes as there might only be seconds to spare.

Safety Inspection

Apart from some basic but essential fire fighting equipment, you should also consider having your home professionally inspected for any possible hazards. Your local Fire and Rescue services can visit your home and advise on any areas they feel  might put you at risk. This can include checking for electrical faults and discussing the safe use of items that can contribute to fires such as electric blankets and smoking. You might even qualify for free smoke alarms which can be fitted on the day of your inspection.

Exit Plan

Finally, you should have a predetermined escape route plan in the event that you must vacate your home quickly if a fire is unmanageable by normal means. This is especially true if you live in a multi-story home where stairwells can be inaccessible depending on the location of the fire. A raging fire can escalate so quickly that you won’t have time to think.  It’s imperative that you know how to escape beforehand so you don’t waste precious seconds that could save your life.

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