The Benefits of Space Heaters For Warming Your Home

With winter finally upon us, many people are making sure their home’s heating is up to the task of keeping them and their family warm for the next few months. Another concern is over the rise in gas prices and how it affects their ability to afford to even run heating at all. For those who need to save a little on this year’s heating bill, utilizing a space heater instead of a traditional boiler might be the answer. The advantage of space heaters is that they are able to concentrate heat in a smaller area, many times this is all that’s needed to break the chill you might be feeling on a cold day when warm clothes aren't enough. A traditional heater usually needs to heat up the entire room to do the job, which can mean more resources, and money expended in the process. Electric space heaters are generally the safest, as they don't emit dangerous fumes that need to be vented like with gas or kerosene models. They can be picked up quite cheap too, for as low £10. Heaters for Homes

Radiant Heaters

For the fastest, most direct heat, you will want to take a look at radiant style heaters. They work by focusing directly on an object, as opposed to a room or area. This means less energy is used overall while warming you up as quickly as possible. The most popular varieties of radiant heaters are coil-based, oil, and reflective halogen. Coil models heat up a metal coil, similar to an electric stove, and then blow the air outward with a fan. While they work well they aren't the most energy efficient, so those looking to really save might want to go with one of the other models. Oil filled heaters are one of the most efficient due to the ability for the oil inside to maintain heat even after the unit is switched off. While they are generally safe, you must be on the lookout for wear and tear that can lead to leaks. Finally, reflective halogen heaters are safe and fairly efficient. They employ a halogen bulb, which generate heats very similar to how the sun feels.

Safety Matters

No matter which type of heater you choose, Quick Home Buyers recommends some basic safety precautions should always be followed. Never place the heater too close to an object or person as burning could result. Also, never leave a heater unattended, even for a short period of time. While putting on an extra layer of clothes is the best way to save on your heating expenses this winter, sometimes a little help from a space heater might be just the ticket to get you through those colder nights.

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