Quick Home Buyers Announces Redesigned Website With Enhanced User Experiences

Quick Home Buyers, one of the top property buyers located in Cardiff is pleased to announce the redesign of their website in an effort to give their customers a better user experience. As a leading resource for those wishing to sell their property quickly, Quick Home Buyers wanted to make sure that those interested in learning about the service they offer and seeking information about the selling process could easily access that information via a user friendly website design complete with simple navigation. The new website design is now live and visitors can experience the new layout immediately. “There is a large increase in the number of property owners that are looking at the options available to them when it comes to selling their property fast. With so many different reasons for homeowners needing to unload their property quickly ranging from a loss in the family, financial troubles, and even a divorce, we wanted to make sure that they could quickly find answers to some of their questions as soon as they landed on our website,” stated James Wood of Quick Home Buyers. Many consumers that are seeking a quick house sale become flustered when seeking help. The friendly user experience that the Quick Home Buyers website features allows the interested party to read information regarding the process and quickly contact Quick Home Buyers for a 100% free consultation with absolutely no obligation by simply submitting their name and contact number. Quick Home Buyers offers obligation free consultations to anyone interested in learning about the fast buying options offered. “We receive inquiries daily from individuals that say ‘I need to sell my house fast!’ and we understand that this isn't something that most people think they will ever have to explore. Many times our customers are looking to sell their house fast because of an emergency, so we make it as simple as possible for them. Our team handles the entire transaction and we also absorb all of the fees involved. Our customers never receive an invoice for any fees involved in the sale transaction, and we do this to make sure that they have a smooth and stress free transaction,” added Mr. Wood. About Quick Home Buyers: Quick Home Buyers is a team of professionals that specialize in lightning fast purchase transactions for individuals that require a fast and hassle free sale of their home. Handling every aspect of the transaction, this allows their customers to continue with their life events knowing that the professionals have their sale handled from beginning to end. More information about the company and the fast home buying process can be found on the Quick Home Buyers website: Contact: James Wood P: 029 2009 9000 Quick Home Buyers Limited 83 Caerphilly Road Cardiff CF14 4AE

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