Manchester Homeowners find Realistic Ways to eliminate Debt Woes

Homeowners in Manchester have found a realistic and quick solution to their debt woes. These homeowners have found that Quick Home Buyers is the solution to their mounting debt problems. Whilst others are having trouble getting the equity out of their home, Quick Home Buyers offers real solutions.

The Current Situation

Austerity packages in the EU and the UK have brought the economy down, and everyone is feeling the pinch. According to The Guardian, “Just over half of households had some form of financial debt, with the median amount being borrowed increasing by £400 to £3,200 between 2006-08 and 2008-10.” That means more people are borrowing on a monthly basis just to make ends meet. Whilst this can be a short-term solution for household budgets, in the long-term these debts become unmanageable. Quick Home Buyers understands that the economy has been brutal for the last several years. They offer fair and honorable solutions to help families get their financials back on track. That is why more homeowners in Manchester trust Quick Home Buyers with their home sale. Instead of waiting for their house to move off the market, Quick Home Buyers helps families prevent or stop repossession. They have helped thousands of families gain a financial footing for a stable future. Silver Jubilee Bridge Manchester

Household Debt: a Regional and National Issue

Some metropolitan areas have felt recession more than others. Manchester and the North-West have been among the hardest hit regions of the country, as reported by The Guardian: It said the total debt burden for UK households rose by 10.3% between 2006-08 and 2008-10. During that time only Londoners didn't take on any more debt, but in the north-west debt rocketed by 41.7% and in the East Midlands it increased by a third. This amount of debt has crippled many households to the breaking point. Many are simply looking for ways to escape the crushing rock of unsecured debts. The issue has been further exacerbated by the fact that banks are hesitant to loan money on existing construction without a minimum of 10 percent down. Combined with an already stagnant housing market, homeowners in Manchester need real options fast. Quick Home Buyers is the best option homeowners have in Manchester. They help real people fix their financials. Enquire their friendly staff today for a free consultation and home inspection. There is no obligation and it will be much faster than waiting for your next home buyer, whenever that will be.

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