Is Home Staging Worth It?

One technique for helping a home sell quicker is by having a home staging professional decorate your home. The idea is that they can get the best out of your home’s base look by accenting its positive features and improving the not so attractive areas. Some people are rightfully skeptical if this is worth it in the end, especially considering the cost involved. Both sides have valid points but let’s take a look at some of the usual objections to home staging to uncover whether it’s really a good idea or not.


The primary sticking point for most homeowners when thinking about hiring a home stager is the cost involved. Usually this type of service doesn't come cheap because not only do you have to pay for the consultation and labour of the stager but also they will often rent furnishings to complete the look, which adds to the overall fee. Cost of an initial consultation can range around £200-£300 but for a complete home staging including the furniture rental it cane jump up to almost 10x the cost. It’s certainly not cheap but when weighed against the total value of the home it might not seem so much. For a modestly priced home the total cost of staging could be under 1%, and if it allows you to not only sell the home quicker and get a couple of % more in the asking price then it’s worth it. It is still a gamble, however, but that’s part of the game of selling a home. Home Staging

DIY Approach

In an effort to save on these types of fees, many will fancy their chances at doing their own home staging. On the surface, it might look like an easy job. Just clean up the home and arrange everything so it looks tidy and spotless, right? It’s not quite that simple, however. Many homeowners will be blind to some of the flaws in their own home because they are so used to how it looks. A professional with not only the experience of what looks good but also a fresh set of eyes can make a big difference in the outcome of how a home is staged. They will be able to spot what areas should be enhanced and brought to potential buyers attention more easily and accurately than the homeowner in most cases.


Home stagers bring one valuable asset to the table, and that’s the ability to source furnishings that might be of a magnitude higher in style and quality compared to your current furniture. They usually have a large selection of various styles and looks that can suit your particular home and turn it into the interior you always dreamed up but never had the finances to purchase. This can turn an ordinary drab home into something special that will hook potential buyers in.

Personal Style

You might think the way your home looks the best but it might not always be something that appeals to a wide range of buyers. Those funky colour combinations or old favourite sofa might have meaning to you, but to the people viewing your home they could very well be off-putting. It’s difficult to maintain a sense of objectivity when not only have you lived in a home for some time but have the emotions of memories attached to it. A home stager can give a more objective opinion on how the home should look to give it the best chance of getting buyers to say yes.

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