Citizens of Bradford find a New Partner in the Housing Market

Those who own property in Bradford have found a willing buyer in a stagnant housing market. Homeowners now look to Quick Home Buyers when putting their property on the market, before enquiring an estate agent. That’s because Bradford homeowners were able to sell their property in days. That’s right: they sold their property in days, not weeks, not months, not years. That is because they enquired Quick Home Buyers first. Quick Home Buyers offers a family-friendly home inspection. They buy properties as is, without contingent contracts. This process has helped hundreds in Bradford sell their homes quickly and start a new beginning with a bright financial outlook. Bradford Town Hall

Homeowners in Bradford Struggle with Personal Debt

While the local economy is hobbling along, local residents are feeling the pinch of everyday expense increase. More and more Britons feel that their debt is a personal burden on their shoulders. It is felt by those with the least amount of equity to change their financial future, as The Guardian reports: “people living in the least wealthy households were 13 times more likely to regard their financial debt as a heavy burden as those in the wealthiest households.” The Guardian further reported that younger people fared the worst: “Households headed by younger people owed the most, while those with over 65-year-olds had the lowest proportion of financial liability.”

Single Parents Suffer Greatest Proportionately, but Cohabiting Couples share the Greatest Need

Single parents had the greatest number of financial liabilities. “Lone parents were most likely to have financial liabilities (73.7%), but they also had the lowest average household debt at £1,600” according to The Guardian. However, the same source names cohabiting and married couples without children as the greatest debtors, with an average debt of £5,500. Both of these parties can take advantage of housing consultations in the city of Bradford. Single parents can give their children the type of life they deserve. Couples can relieve their household debts and find a new start with Quick Home Buyers. Both sets of homeowners can eliminate their personal debts and start fresh. All it takes is one phone call.

Enquire Quick Home Buyers Today

Quick Home Buyers has been in the business of helping families for several years. While they may be new to Bradford, they are experts at helping you sell your house fast. Enquire Quick Home Buyers for a free consultation today.

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