House Buyers

Why Sell Your House To A House Buyer?

When a person makes the decision to sell their home, the first thing they usually do is head straight for their local estate agent and prepare to complete all those odd little jobs around the place that need doing to make the property more appealing to potential visitors.

The majority of people find this conventional home selling route to be both time consuming and expensive, as agents fees, and solicitors costs are charged at a premium rate to vendors.

Here are the advantages of choosing to sell your home to a national home buying company
· Fast sale – in as little as 7 days
· No costs or fees
· No need to conduct viewings
· Guaranteed sale
· No chains involved

As you can see, selling to a house buyer does hold major advantages over selling via the more conventional estate agency or auction selling route.

Reasons for Needing a Quick Sale

Sometimes there are circumstances beyond a person’s control which may dictate as to how quickly they need to sell their home. Below are a few examples as to why individuals may feel the need to sell to a house buyer as opposed to selling via an estate agency or auction house.

· Threat of Repossession
Unfortunately, with the current economic climate and due to redundancies, many individuals and families are experiencing the realities when confronted with repossession.

· Financial Difficulties and Debt
Dealing with a loss of income and mounting debts from loans and credit cards. Selling your home quickly can immediately help your financial worries by giving you the cash boost needed to improve personal circumstances

· Relocation
If the relocation is due to a change of employment or simply a need for change, you can move quickly and begin your new life almost instantly

· Property Left in an Inheritance
The death of a family member may leave behind a property as an asset. Completing a sale quickly minimises any pain or fuss, and is also a discreet way of selling the home of a departed relative

· Divorce or Separation
Divide assets up quickly and with the minimum amount of fuss. This allows both parties to deal with their finances effectively with a view to planning for the future

· Sickness
Being in poor health can often make a person more reflective. Sell your home quickly to perhaps fund a property down size, pay for treatments or to help make your recovery more comfortable

· Releasing Retirement Equity
Many have invested money in their homes seeing them as an ever growing retirement fund. Having an almost instant access to the equity in their properties, retirees can start making sure fire plans as to how they are going to spend their retirements while funding them appropriately

· Emigration
Leaving the UK to start a new live abroad can be both a thrilling and unnerving prospect. Using a homebuyer guarantees a quick sale so you have the funds available to successfully start a new life, business, or home in the sun.

Home buyers are a fantastic option if you find you need to sell your home quickly and with the minimum amount of fuss. Not only do they offer an instant solution, but they are often free of costs and can help you improve your personal circumstances immensely.

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