How to Increase Your Home’s Value – And Quickly

house price rise chart When it comes to valuing a property, there are a whole host of different areas and parameters to consider. It’s not just what goes on inside the building, it’s the surrounding area, the structure of your home, local amenities, the lot – and sadly, much of this you can never really hope to change. You can add and you can knock down and replace, but what are some really quick and easy ways to add value to your home with an absolute minimum of effort required?

Out with the old, in with the new

by wlodek old door rusty lock replacement house It’s a known fact amongst property experts that potential buyers are more likely to be converted to a sale the less lived-in a home can look – and the same, naturally, goes for the value of the property. This can mean changing something as mundane as the fittings in your bathroom (your shower head, taps, even toilet seat) or upping the quality of your lounge drapes. Why not tackle an internal renewal of each room at a time and work towards a whole new look for your home? After all, the newer the contents, the more likely it is you’ll get a higher price.

Polish and paint

Polished House Entrance Door agrees that smartening up your home can really add both interest and financial value to the property. And why not? Even if this means a long-needed lick of paint, recarpeting or simply a quick touching-up of fittings around the home, if you’re in the process of joining the property market it’s a great idea to get things looking fresh and new as soon as possible. That way, any potential buyers that may come in and be under the impression that your home is worth more than it actually may be!

Swot up on storage

dresser storage unit for house Storage is a big selling point for many home hunters already in a chain or on the ladder, and it’s a great idea to either emphasise or highlight the storage you have, or simply have some more installed. While consulting a refit of an existing wardrobe or cupboard space could cause more financial or time worry than is worth, you could always consider making the most of what you have – can anywhere be knocked through to allow for more space? Are there any fittings or fixtures that cramp up a room and could be better used for temporary storage? And if all else fails – there’s always shelving!

Inspect your gadgets

While any good estate agent will insist on a sweep of your property to ensure they have all the facts and figures down correctly so that they can build an accurate picture of your home, before you even take this step you could consider hiring a surveyor (or even a friend or two in the trade or in the know) to have a good scout around your home for any signs of wear, tear or damage that could potentially drive down interest or value in the property. Buyers are not keen to take on a place that requires a lot of work – definitely make sure what needs to be done has been done before you take the plunge!

Mirrors, mirrors, on the wall

mirror wall sea sunset house If you own a property that could be considered ‘cosy’, why not consider throwing up a few strategically-placed wall mirrors around your home? It’s a popular fact that mirrors can really increase the illusion that a place seems bigger than it actually is, and having a few hung up where they’re needed the most might bring the right buyers flocking to your asking price.

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