Add Value to your Home with Landscaping

Home improvement projects do not need to empty out your bank account. While a remodeled kitchen or home addition can really increase the value of your home, these projects often require a loan in order to complete them. There are several other ways to add value to your home without taking out a loan or having to spend large amounts of money. The most popular way is with landscaping.

First Impressions

First impressions are just as important for houses as they are for the people we meet on a daily basis. If you are considering putting your home up for sale, a good landscape design can add up to 20% of value to your home. One of the first things a person notices when they pull up to a property is the landscaping. Professional landscaping gives a home a sense of place and value. The curb appeal that it gives a home is sure to aid in the quick resale of the property. A good first impression can charm a prospective buyer into looking past other flaws that are in or around the home. When you decide to update the exterior of your home, think of your lifestyle, but keep functionality and resale value in mind. Adding Value Home Landscaping

Landscaping Architecture

Boosting the value of your home through landscaping requires a little more than keeping your grass green and planting a flower or two. There are many components that can add an enormous amount of curb appeal to your home. Some of these include, but are not limited to: • Trees/Shrubs • Fences • Ponds • Decks/Patios • Native Plants • Walkways • Garden Paths • Outdoor Lighting • Retaining Walls • Outdoor Rooms Adding a few of these components to your home can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your property. Not only does it add value immediately, it increases in value as the years go by. As interior design and décor constantly goes out of style over the years, your landscaping only gets better. Your plants will become fuller and your trees will grow bigger.

Leave it to the Professionals

Unless you have a knack for landscaping and a vision for premium designs, it may be best to leave your landscaping to professionals. One of the worst mistakes a homeowner can make is not having a landscaping plan. Unorganised landscaping can actually decrease the value of a home. Who wouldn't pay more for flowering trees, a lush lawn, a patio and a deck? A professional landscaper may seem like an outrageous idea, but they can help you gain a decent amount of equity in your home. A reputable company can save you money by recommending planting and features that are low maintenance and will appeal to buyers. Choosing the right landscaper can make all of the difference in the cost-effective improvements to the exterior of your home. In the end, paying close attention to the details can greatly increase the value of your home. Small changes are very affordable and can go a long way!

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