Fast House Sale

The advantages of a fast house sale

At an independent home buyers like this one, you can be assured to make a fast house sale and walk away with ready cash. The advantages of using this quick sale method are numerous. Starting from the first phone call or email we can make you an offer in 24 hours if necessary and from then it could be as little as 48 hours for you to receive the full payment to your account. Most transactions are fully completed within 7 days. There are no expenses involved, no legal fees and no pesky sales people to battle with.

Estate agents: time consuming and costly

Employing an estate agent to put your house on the property market is an appealing prospect. It takes the sales work out of your hands and looks professional. However, waiting for somebody to see that FOR SALE sign and come knocking, or find your house amongst the thousands of others on the market, could be a long, exhausting and expensive process.

The first cost imposed by the estate agent conveyor is the survey fee. You will have to pay a large sum for somebody to tell you how much your house is worth. It can be as stressful preparing for this visit as for each ‘viewing’ by potential buyers. Quick Home Buyers will not scrutinise your property in such a judgemental way, but allow you to relax while a fair price is decided. Further estate agent costs include the administration, advertising and legal expenses, which are unavoidable in this business. Finally, the risk of a last minute pull out really puts the seller at a disadvantage and keeps stress levels high.

A guaranteed sale

If we decide to purchase your property you can be confident that the transaction will be handled swiftly. Quick Home Buyers holds an independent source of capital and does not depend on financial institutions for lending. This means we are ready to make a payment immediately.

To assure a fast house sale and enjoy our no-fees service, call us on Freephone 0800 688 9999 or complete the online form for a free, no-obligation valuation.