Frequently Asked Questions

A list of most commonly asked questions!

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    What costs will I incur?

    None – we cover all fees, including legal expenses. What you see if what you get; no hidden surprises with us.

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    How much do you offer?

    We don’t work to a fixed percentage but look at each case individually – and have in many cases offered up to 100% of the market value.

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    How quickly can you buy my house?

    We can exchange contracts in under 48 hours but will aim to work to your schedule so you can pick the date most suitable for your circumstances.

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    I am in negative equity, can you help?

    Yes, even if you owe more on your mortgage than your current property is worth, we can certainly help.

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    Can you stop repossession?

    Yes we can, even if the matter is being heard in the court, we can attend court with you and prevent repossession. If there possession has been granted, we can get our lawyers to quickly arrange a settlement with your lender but you need to act fast, ring us right now at 0800 688 9999 FREE.

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    What kind of properties do you buy?

    We buy all types of property from one-bed down-at-heel flats to five-bed executive homes. We even buy if you have structural issues, problem tenants, boundary disputes or planning issues.


We Guarantee To Buy Any Property In Any Condition