Avoid Repossession

Keep your house and finances in your control

When faced with the threat of repossession, homeowners are put under a lot of stress and strain as they try to establish how they will solve this problem. Tough times such as this call for tough measures, and a quick decision could be the difference between increasingly crippling debt and a safe financial future. The main concern today is to be able to afford the increasingly expensive daily conveniences like food, utilities (water, electricity and heating), travel and education.

The repercussions of repossession can be life changing, when you are left with nowhere to live and a record on your credit report, making it harder to borrow money in the future. By selling your house quickly for cash you have an instant solution, repaying the debts and starting a fresh with a known sum of money. Also you don’t have to undergo the saddening process of seeing your home taken away from you against your will.

The repossession process explained

When lenders find there is no choice but to take serious action, they will usually try to negotiate a strict payment plan with the borrower. However, failing this they will apply for a repossession order at the court which is followed by a hearing where a judge decides if repossession should be granted.

If possession is granted, the current owners are served with an eviction notice, with a deadline for moving out. The lenders then gain back the possession of the property.

Here at Quick Home Buyers we have faced many such cases and solved them for our clients, and so fully understand the stress associated with repossession. We can, and want to, stop your repossession, even after an eviction notice has been served so never give up hope.

We do recommend you make contact at your earliest convenience to ease the proceedings, so contact one of our experiences and friendly team members today on Freephone 0800 688 9999.