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Selling your home through an open market is rarely the route to a quick and easy sale. Quick Home Buyers is the private property purchasing service that combines a unique ability to match desirable prices with a swift and hassle free transaction. From the moment we come to visit you to discuss your needs until the point of completion, you can rely on an efficient sale process from helpful industry experts.

Our dedicated team of property experts are on hand to handle your query in a friendly and professional manner. We understand the stresses that can be involved in the process of a house sale and we make it our mission that with Quick Home Buyers you won’t have even a glimpse of these problems. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and you could be relaxing after a completed sale in no time.

Our process is streamlined from years of industry experience and using our own capital reserves means you never deal with anyone but your individual Quick Home Buyers dedicated representative. You won’t even have to pay any fees during the process. We will get the ball rolling, instruct solicitors and manage the whole sale from instruction to completion. Just take advantage of someone looking after you for once with:

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We can manage the sale of houses even if mortgage values are higher than the property value.

Your solution to the problem of house selling is right here. Pick up the phone today and call us on 0800 688 9999 to get the ball rolling. You’ll be amazed at how simple everything seems and before you know it you’ll have joined our long list of satisfied customers who took charge of their homes and put themselves back in the driving seat.

About Us

Here at Quick Home Buyers, we are a friendly team of property experts who are leading the way in the chain free, quick house sale market. With years of accumulated industry insight and thousands of very satisfied customers behind us, we are the safest and most efficient solution to your quick home sale needs.

Commitment to an exemplary customer experience and service is at the heart of all that we do. Quick Home Buyers’ representatives fully understand every aspect of the property sale process and have dedicated their professional lives to perfecting the way we manage it for you.

We know that life’s events can lead us to unexpected decisions. Whether it is piling debt, a loss in the family or perhaps a divorce, we understand that the decision to sell your home quickly is not always what you had planned for. That’s why we make certain that whatever stresses or problems you are faced with, the sale of your house will not be added to them.

With this in mind, we put your needs at the forefront of planning and executing every step of the selling process. The majority of sales we handle allow us to buy a property within 2 working days but we wont push or pressure you. Our efficiency allows us to be as flexible as you need us to be. Whatever your situation or time scale needs, you can be sure that we will be able to work around you.

If this all seems too simple and too good to be true, don’t just read about it, call us now on 0800 688 9999 and let one of our personal advisors take you through a hassle free, no obligation consultation. We are here for you in your time of need, ready to take the mantle and guide you to a calmer, stress free life with financial troubles far behind you.

How It Works

So How Does It Work?

From the moment you make contact with us, you will feel like you’ve got your own personal estate manager working for you. You can get in touch by calling us on 0800 688 9999 or filling in the green inquiry form to the right of the screen to start these quick and easy steps to a hassle-free home sale.

Free Consultation

Either way, once in touch, we’ll start working on a completely free, 100% no-obligation quote for you. Our customer service professionals rely on years of experience and a deep understanding of housing markets at both local and national levels to talk you through your options and what you can expect from us.

A Quote in 24 Hours

Your no-obligation offer will be ready and in your possession within 24 hours of first contacting us. Once you have this, you know all there is to know about the financials of the potential transaction. We pride ourselves on having no hidden surprises, no unexpected costs or fees and of course, you wont even have to worry about hosting a mass of viewings before a sale.


As soon as you are happy with the offer price we once again take the reins. We will instruct a solicitor to handle all the legal side of things. We will coordinate with them, make sure you see all the paperwork you need to and equally not inundate you with unnecessary paperwork. Most importantly, we pick up the legal fees, you’ll not get even so much as an admin invoice from the solicitors.


When everything is in place and an exchange date is agreed, we’ll get contracts to you, complete the sale and have the cash in your account in no time at all. For the very motivated among you this whole process can be completed from start to finish in as little as 24 hours!

How Quick House Sale Works

How To Sell A Home In An Undesirable Area


Area can mean a lot to your home – it can affect how potential buyers see your property before they even get into it, and you may even be required to put in a bit more effort if you’re really keen to get your property up and moving. While you can’t unfortunately go to any great lengths to change where your home resides, there are a few things you can do to highlight how great your home is despite any interest-lowering problems externally.

Be Honest

As with any part of the property selling process, it’s extremely important that you offer your potential buyer a true snapshot of what’s available to them. If a neighbour’s garden or if the local neighbourhood is in particular decline this may not garner positive responses from your viewers but it’s worth bearing in mind that you may face awkward questions later on in the process – and if problems aren’t obvious on first viewing, you could even face legal or financial reparation as a result later down the line. Being open and clear on issues – but not dwelling on matters – is the key.

Highlight your home

Lounge with a new floor

If the local area or neighbours are detracting from an otherwise fantastic home, don’t let them – let your property speak for itself and shine through. Really do work on making your property the very best it can be, presentation and features are everything – and after all this is done, the right buyer for the home will be happy to take on a fantastic house regardless of where it may be sitting.

Highlight the neighbourhood’s best features

When inviting viewings to your home, if the local area isn’t completely run-down and does have a few major facilities to highlight, why not offer potential buyers the opportunity to really see what good the local features and amenities have to offer them if they were to move into your home? Does your area have a good school system, local shops and stores, and links to major cities or towns? Are there any transport links nearby, and are there any entertainment venues or restaurants in close proximity? Why not highlight these not only during your tour but by directing your viewers via a particularly attractive route to your home – therefore you’re showcasing the best, leaving the less attractive parts open to be discovered or enquired about.

Ask for help

Asking for help is such a large part of selling your home fast, that it is often a final part of our advice blog – you never have to go selling your property alone and it is notably more difficult if you are looking to sell in an area that is experiencing financial problems or is notoriously hard to move property in. However, estate agents are trained and paid to have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to highlighting the very best in a property and they are also – of course – experts at selling. Don’t fear them! They know the area better than anyone and will have some great trips that will help you deliver an open, honest and attractive deal to potential buyers.

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Why Honesty is Key When Selling Your Home

You’ve heard it said a million times about a million different things – ‘honesty is the best policy’ – and, in all fairness, it certainly is. If you’re providing a service or selling a product, the last thing you need is to be found concealing hidden terms or features that will fire back on you at a later date. Furthermore, honesty is all about being upstanding and clear – and when it comes to selling your home, regardless of how you do it, you should always keep the facts open and available to everybody.

The Law

Law and Justice

First and foremost, neglecting to mention or even fabricating certain elements altogether on a property information form is simply bad practice. While such forms are requested by the buying party and let the new homeowners see everything in black and white and in full (while this may make for some extensive bedtime reading), there have been many cases where such information has been left vague, underestimated or even fictional – and going by any of these could seriously undercut you legally later on in the process.

It’s best to get everything out in the open – mention work that has been undertaken at the property. Discuss any boundary issues with neighbours or ongoing disputes. Advise of potential structural issues that will require attention later on in the home’s shelf life. Being up front and honest about the facts surrounding your property may well give you the impression that a buyer will run screaming at the sight of such information, but this really has to be the best option to take.

The Long Run

The Long Run

This is because, if a buyer finds certain information omitted or fabricated during the sale, be it on paperwork or via the selling process generally, you could find yourself up in a spot of legal bother in the long term, not just the short term. What if your buyer was to uncover that unsightly structural damage you were hoping to gloss over? What if boundary issues do arise with neighbouring houses and you neglected to advise that such problems existed when you were living there? Unless you are honest, clear, and have a responsible solicitor by your side throughout the whole of the process, you could end up in a sticky situation via the courts if the information you withhold is grievous enough.

Reveal All

Reveal Everything - Dont Hide

If you’re selling a property fast for cash and you willingly or intentionally neglect to highlight certain features or elements about your home during the sale process, this could leave you open to claims of misrepresentation – i.e. the legal issues as mentioned earlier. If you think you should remain coy or bend the truth when it comes to revealing your home, you should think again – absolutely everything needs to be laid bare to the buyer to ensure that they are clear and happy with the deal that they are signing into.

For example, this doesn’t just mean ensuring you let them know about damage or potential work that needs to be undertaken in future. Have you been clear and upfront in terms of fees? How about planning information? What of any contents you may be providing with the property? What guarantees or insurances have been taken out on the home in the time of any faults being repaired? When it comes to laying such things bare, no element is too minor – while you are clearly keen to sell your home as soon as possible in most cases, being untruthful will reflect badly on you later on in time.

Essentially, it’s the same old story – put yourself in the buyer’s shoes! Wouldn’t you want to know everything about the home you’re signing for? Be open, be honest, be clear – and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

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A Beginner’s Guide to ‘The Chain’

If you’ve been delving into the world of buying or selling property recently then it’s highly likely you’ve come across an element of the process known as ‘the chain’. This is a crucial part of negotiation and the closure of sales when it comes to properties of all shapes and sizes, and while you may be lucky enough to avoid it interfering with your sale at all, there are a few things to bear in mind if talk of ‘gazumping’ and links in the chain breaking away occurs in later negotiations.

A chain is just that – an interlinking line, only made up of people waiting to buy and sell. The easiest way to explain this is to consider that each person on the chain is selling a home and buying a home – and the person who is selling that home is buying another. Chains can be long and sometimes impossible to consider as there really is no finite number as to how many people could be linked along the way. Most people, it can be argued, are buying while selling their home – after all, it’s less likely to come across a seller who has already vacated their property (while it is possible – and we’ll come to this later).

property chain guide for beginners

The problem with property chains is that people can enter and leave them at any given moment – some people leave sales due to changes in circumstance, interest, or an external issue that is entirely different – and when someone drops off the chain, it means that another person has to be found to fill their space. There is, sadly, no way of knowing how long this could last – making some selling and buying processes stressful unless all parties near to each other in the chain are honest and manage their sales correctly. Some chains, sadly, collapse altogether – meaning that everyone in that particular chain has to start again from the very beginning. It can be a frustrating time for everyone involved.

A main problem in the sales chain is ‘gazumping’ – besides being a fantastic word, it’s the property buyer’s worst nightmare. This is the process in which, despite a verbal offer having been agreed with a seller, an additional offer is accepted before any paperwork can be completed and the deal can be arranged. This is sadly common enough practice to have such a name, but it is still rare practice – and providing you are dealing with an honest and fair seller or middleman, there is no need to fear this occurring.

However, avoiding the chain altogether is certainly possible, and as some property experts propose that chain-breaking may be on the increase, it’s becoming a suggested move for buyers looking to avoid being left high and dry to look for properties on sale where the homeowner is not actively involved in the market, be it moving home or depending upon your profit to be able to move. Therefore, seeking out new build properties or homes belonging to owners who no longer require or need housing (there could be any number of reasons for this) are the best ways to avoid the chain altogether.

You shouldn’t fear the chain – while it is possible that you may be linked in and could find yourself broken away if you are unlucky enough, providing you ensure that you are prepared for any inconveniences and request to see as much paperwork and detail as possible, you can reinforce your position easily in case of the absolute worst.

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How to Negotiate When Selling Your Home

‘Negotiation’ is a big and loaded word and it’s especially feared when it comes to getting to the property selling table. But it really needn’t be. Every sale, and every property, is different – and with that, such is each and every buyer! There’s no hard and fast way to pigeonhole who’s likely to come paying for your home, nor how things are likely to play out when it does come to the final discussions – but there are certainly a few things to look out for.

Buyers, while they are all different, have varying intentions and will want to look over your property for a variety of different reasons, will have one thing in common – questions. Some will be clued up on what to look for, the right questions to ask, and will know exactly what they want. There are a few great ways to meet the buyer halfway, and to ensure that you don’t either negate a sale altogether or risk losing your ideal price.

Keep it simple!

Keep It Simple Wallpaper

This is the golden rule, and just about anyone with experience in selling negotiations will tell you the same. By keeping your intentions for selling and your outgoing process streamlined and approachable, the buyer will be keener to meet you halfway. It’s especially important that you resist sealing off a potential deal by offering deadlines or restrictive parameters to the sale – by offering freedom, clarity and simple intentions, while the buyer may still have questions, they’ll be less likely to turn down a deal on the basis of confusion.

Turn down the keen

deal and negotiate when selling home

While on the topic of being keen, employing a ‘poker face’ of sorts while navigating this process is absolutely paramount if you’re hoping to keep control of the deal. Offering too much information about why you’re looking to sell or indicating even slightly that you’re after a quick house sale will allow you to lose a significant amount of power when it comes to the trade-off. If a buyer senses or even knows that you are interested in dealing quickly, they’ll know that you will be more susceptible to lower offers – and this will also make things rather awkward at the deal table.

Don’t be needy

despair doubtful hesitant pessimistic offended

Similar to the above advice, it’s excellent practice to make sure that you keep your intentions and ultimate game plan as far away from negotiations as possible. Offering too much information about a house, or perhaps even going over the top during the sales process, can really give off the impression of a motivated or even desperate seller. While this may remove control from you during the sale, it could do even worse – it could drive away buyers who fear that there are bigger reasons at stake as to why you are selling the property.

Don’t do all the talking

business talking let others speak

When it comes to selling a home, the process should centre around two main aspects – the buyer and the property. Therefore, removing yourself, an estate agent and any intense sales spiel from the equation altogether will give a buyer a clear and concise experience of what’s on offer. Talking the buyers through every last detail may choke the appeal of a home, whereas it’s clear that anyone interested in the property will be more likely to sign on the dotted line if they have seen the home for themselves, and have asked all the questions that are important to them. Essentially, offer a buyer free reign early on – but don’t appear disinterested!

Negotiations are all about meeting compromise and while the property game can be frustrating at times, it really needn’t be – don’t play your hand and offer the buyer a little freedom, and they’ll be happier to see your way of thinking when it comes to the final offer.


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How to Increase Your Home’s Value – And Quickly

house price rise chart

When it comes to valuing a property, there are a whole host of different areas and parameters to consider. It’s not just what goes on inside the building, it’s the surrounding area, the structure of your home, local amenities, the lot – and sadly, much of this you can never really hope to change. You can add and you can knock down and replace, but what are some really quick and easy ways to add value to your home with an absolute minimum of effort required?

Out with the old, in with the new

by wlodek old door rusty lock replacement house

It’s a known fact amongst property experts that potential buyers are more likely to be converted to a sale the less lived-in a home can look – and the same, naturally, goes for the value of the property. This can mean changing something as mundane as the fittings in your bathroom (your shower head, taps, even toilet seat) or upping the quality of your lounge drapes. Why not tackle an internal renewal of each room at a time and work towards a whole new look for your home? After all, the newer the contents, the more likely it is you’ll get a higher price.

Polish and paint

Polished House Entrance Door agrees that smartening up your home can really add both interest and financial value to the property. And why not? Even if this means a long-needed lick of paint, recarpeting or simply a quick touching-up of fittings around the home, if you’re in the process of joining the property market it’s a great idea to get things looking fresh and new as soon as possible. That way, any potential buyers that may come in and be under the impression that your home is worth more than it actually may be!

Swot up on storage

dresser storage unit for house

Storage is a big selling point for many home hunters already in a chain or on the ladder, and it’s a great idea to either emphasise or highlight the storage you have, or simply have some more installed. While consulting a refit of an existing wardrobe or cupboard space could cause more financial or time worry than is worth, you could always consider making the most of what you have – can anywhere be knocked through to allow for more space? Are there any fittings or fixtures that cramp up a room and could be better used for temporary storage? And if all else fails – there’s always shelving!

Inspect your gadgets

While any good estate agent will insist on a sweep of your property to ensure they have all the facts and figures down correctly so that they can build an accurate picture of your home, before you even take this step you could consider hiring a surveyor (or even a friend or two in the trade or in the know) to have a good scout around your home for any signs of wear, tear or damage that could potentially drive down interest or value in the property. Buyers are not keen to take on a place that requires a lot of work – definitely make sure what needs to be done has been done before you take the plunge!

Mirrors, mirrors, on the wall

mirror wall sea sunset house

If you own a property that could be considered ‘cosy’, why not consider throwing up a few strategically-placed wall mirrors around your home? It’s a popular fact that mirrors can really increase the illusion that a place seems bigger than it actually is, and having a few hung up where they’re needed the most might bring the right buyers flocking to your asking price.


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Traps to Watch for When Selling your Home


If you’re already wading into the house market and have had a look at all the various facts and figures you need to keep track of, you’ll already know that getting your house sold for the price that you’re looking for is not always as easy as it sounds. It’s often not a case of simply putting an advert up and assuming that the right buyer will bite straight away – and don’t forget, there’s estate agents, banks, councils and all manner of middlemen that you may need to take into account for before you can trade your bricks and mortar for a nice return.

Let’s have a look at some key areas you need to be wary of when it comes to selling your home.

Getting the pricing right

right price for property investment

Getting the value of your property correct first time is either almost impossible or unbelievably lucky – and one of the biggest mistakes you can make early on in the process is getting your asking price well out of sync with the rest of the market. This means, believe it or not, asking too much or too little – buyers will naturally be repelled by blatantly inflated prices, and by underpricing your home, you’re underselling yourself.

This is why it’s crucial that you have a strong core of advisors handy – property experts, trend analysts, and of course an estate agent or two – so that you can tune your price to an acceptable level for both parties.

Don’t seal the deal before it’s done

deal and negotiate when selling home

Fixing your price, regardless of the first point, is another no-no. By insisting upon a rock-hard reserve fee, you are effectively cutting out the majority of potential buyers that you’re looking to appeal to! Announcing a fixed rate fee allows no room for negotiation between yourself, your estate agent and your buyer, and this is crucial – you cannot go into the housing game without assuming that some negotiation will take place.

Find an estate agent that suits your needs

Avoid Mistakes Selling Home Estate Agent

No matter where you look for advice on selling your home, this point cannot be stressed enough – when it comes to handling your property, do not simply go with the first offer you receive from an agent, regardless of all the bells and whistles. It is essential that you know the competition, the pros and cons of your local agencies, and that you ultimately sign your home over to a salesperson who knows the local trade well and offers you all the benefits your require – without any nasty surprises.

You may find that some estate agents offer an extremely open approach to clients and will willingly welcome any interest – this is all well and good, but consider if this approach ‘gives’ you more for your sale. With each give, there is take – and keeping an eye out for the balance is very important.

Read the small print!

terms and conditions of property sale

Out of all the points we can advise, it all boils down to this – as with everything else that comes with a contract, read the fine print! You may not make a habit of paying attention to terms and conditions, but this is a great habit to get out of. Imagine finding your perfect estate agent, having been convinced that they’re offering you the rates and techniques you need – only to be caught by a tiny one-sentence clause in the small print that disrupts your sale halfway into the process.

Consumers, in whatever business, are in fact protected by such terms and conditions, and by signing the paperwork, you agree that you understand the ‘gives’ and ‘takes’ of the business you’re signing up with. To ignore such clauses could lead you into a difficult position later on in the game, so it’s important to get prepared now and back out of any agreements before you sign on the dotted line!

These are just a few of the cautionary points we have to make regarding selling – next week, we will be focusing on what you should be on the lookout for as a buyer in the market.

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Hope in 2015 for Northeast Cities

While economic recovery can be felt in more urban areas of the country like London and Manchester there are still parts of the United Kingdom that are struggling. Recently, the town of Hartlepool in the Northeast suffered the biggest loss in housing prices last year. According to the Land Registry, Hartlepool experienced an annual fall of 9.9% in home prices from November 2012 to November 2013. This equates to an average of £71,749 in home value.

For homeowners in these areas, there are little options when it comes to selling their home. The economic recovery is just yet to arrive in this region and is unlikely to come anytime soon. Some homeowners have found a silver lining in the current market. That silver lining is Quick Home Buyers.

Quick Home Buyers specializes in fast house sells. Homeowners needing to avoid repossession, or move to a new job, found that a quick house sale was the answer to their dilemma. Quick Home Buyers Marketing Director James Wood says, “Our goal for a quick house sale is seven days. We help our customers start fresh whatever their situation may be. Whether it’s stopping repossession proceedings, helping them get a fresh start in another part of the country, or assisting in their legal proceedings, such as inheritance or divorce, we provide custom solutions in every case.”

How Quick Home Buyers is helping the Northeast

hope despair north east england britain

Quick Home Buyers offers custom solutions for every homeowner case. Paul Wexford of Middlesbrough says Quick Home Buyers found a solution for him when he needed to move to a new job in Manchester. Mr. Wexford says, “I simply couldn’t afford to buy a house without first selling the one I had. I was in need of money, for moving expenses and to pay for rents. I couldn’t have accepted my employment if it had not been for Quick Home Buyers.”

After repossession cases, the largest group looking to sell their home fast enjoy available opportunities elsewhere from their home. Whether they need money to move to a new location or to start a business, homeowners find Quick Home Buyers as the only alternative. Mr. Wood explains why this is the case:
“Most Britons have to wait six months to sell their house through the normal channels. In many cases this is unacceptable for our clients, who need money more quickly to accept job offers or business ventures. Thus, we provide a fresh start for these people as well.”

Of course the bread and butter of the market are repossession claimants. Those who are under threat of repossession, and those who are trying to prevent losing their home through final court proceeding. According to Mr. Wood, Quick Home Buyers has helped numerous homeowners avoid full repossession proceedings by purchasing a home to satisfy a lender settlement. This helps the homeowner start over without further damaging their credit while the lender is able to leverage their time and resources from the case. To use a business expression, it’s a win-win for all parties involved.

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Agreed a sale over the phone

My property was on the market, we had the buyer pull out on the day of the exchange. Bank was threatening a repossession, we called Quick Home Buyers and agreed a sale over the phone.

It was quick and the person I spoke with was very honest, he spent a lot of time with me over the phone explaining each and every step.

Thank you very much to the Quick Home Buyers team.

Paula J